Luxembourg - Sanpaolo-Lariano Bank, later Sanpaolo Bank SA

city Luxembourg
address 12 Avenue de la Liberté
OPENING 10.07.1981
CLOSING 25.06.2008

Sanpaolo Bank S.A. was founded in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on 10 July 1981 as a public limited (société anonyme) company under Luxembourg laws. Originally called Sanpaolo Lariano Bank S.A., the bank's name was changed to Sanpaolo Bank S.A. on 28 March 1995. In partnership with Istituto Bancario San Paolo, Banco Lariano held shares in various international companies, including Sanpaolo Lariano Bank SA, with a 39% stake.
In 2004 IMI Bank (Lux) S.A. approved a merger project dated 29 June of the same year.

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