Paris - Compagnie International de Banque (CIB), later Cariplo Banque and Banca Intesa (France) SA

city Paris
address 42 Rue la Boétie

S.A. Compagnie Internationale de Banque (CIB) was a small Parisian bank founded in 1965. It operated from a single small branch located in a large rented space on Rue la Boétie 42, in a prestigious area located between the Champs Élysées, Boulevard Haussman and Place de la Concorde. It was a lending institution that undertook all the usual banking transactions and managed its clients' portfolios, active mainly in the field of corporate acquisitions.
In 1988 CARIPLO acquired 67% of the bank, choosing it over other French banks because of its vitality and efficiency. It had these qualities due to the fact that it had never been nationalized, and therefore had not had to undergo the process of denationalization like other French financial institutions.
In subsequent years CARIPLO acquired a total of 99.992% of the shares of the bank, which in 1992 was renamed Cariplo Banque and later Banca Intesa (France) SA. In 2003 the latter merged with Banca Commerciale Italiana (France).


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