Toronto - Banca Commerciale Italiana of Canada, later Intesa Bank Canada

city Toronto
address 130 Adelaide Street West - Ontario, Continental Bank Building
130 Adelaide Street East - One Financial Place
OPENING 01.09.1981
CLOSING 01.06.2004

Banca Commerciale Italiana of Canada Ltd was founded on 1 September 1981 through the transformation of a pre-existing financial company, BCI Finance Ltd.; Banca Commerciale Italiana held 100% of the new bank's shares through Banca Commerciale Italiana Holding. The bank opened several city agencies in Toronto, a branch and an agency in Montreal, and a branch in Vancouver.
After the Intesa Group came into being, Banca Commerciale Italiana of Canada's name was changed to Intesa Bank Canada until 2004, when it was acquired by HSBC on 1 June. Indeed, the new banking group, no longer deeming a Canadian presence to be a necessity for its core business, would go on to sell several of its agencies to Hong Kong Bank of Canada, which was expanding rapidly in the country at the time.


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