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1918: Stake in Banque Française du Chili acquired by Banque Française & Italienne pour l'Amérique du Sud (Sudameris).
1921: Sudameris branch opened in Valparaiso.
1924: Banque Française du Chili liquidated and Sudameris branch opened in Santiago.
1971: Sudameris branch in Santiago closed; representative office opened.
1979: Sudameris returns to Chile as Banco Sudameris.
2000: Sanpaolo IMI Group branch opened in Santiago.

Banque Française & Italienne pour l'Amérique du Sud (Sudameris), in which Banca Commerciale Italiana held a stake, operated in Chile as well as in many other South American countries. After establishing relations with Banco de la Republica du Chili di Santiago, it made an unsuccessful attempt to help restructure the bank, which went bankrupt in 1914.
In 1918 Sudameris acquired a stake from France's Société Générale in Banque Française du Chili, which had headquarters in Santiago and a branch in Valparaíso. In the meantime, Sudameris was given authorization to open its own branches in Chile and set one up in Valparaíso in 1921. Three years later it took over the Santiago headquarters of Banque Française du Chili, which was then liquidated.
In 1971, following the rise to power of the Unidad Popular coalition, Sudameris made the decision to close its Santiago branch, transferring its assets and liabilities to Banco de Concepción and replacing it with a representative office.
In 1979 Sudameris returned to Chile as Banco Sudameris, until 2003, when it was acquired by Banco Desarollo.
In 2000 the Sanpaolo IMI Group set up its own representative office in the Chilean capital; this office was subsequently transferred to the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.


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