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1972: Banca Commerciale Italiana (BCI) representative office opened in Kuala Lumpur.
1980: BCI representative office in Kuala Lumpur closed. 

Italian banks intially operated in the Malaysian market through agreements with Malaysian intermediaries and foreign groups with Malaysian presences that assisted Italian bank customers in their dealings with local banks and other entities. They had no direct presence in Malaysia, which instead fell under the jurisdiction of their branches and representative offices in the Asian region, particularly those based in Bangkok and Singapore.
Banca Commerciale Italiana (BCI) established a direct presence in Malaysia in 1972, opening a representative office in Kuala Lumpur. Despite the efforts made to consolidate it, only modest results were achieved, and the office was closed in 1980 due both to the lack of business and trade opportunities between the two countries and the existence of a nearby BCI branch in Singapore that could oversee the region.
BCI's reorganization of its activities in the Far East led the bank to limit its presence in Malaysia to a stake in the European Asian Bank (EURASBANK) consortium. A joint venture of the European Banks' International Company SA (EBIC), EURASBANK was founded in Hamburg in 1972 and was active in twenty Asian countries. Its primary objective was to promote trade and financial relations between Europe and Asia, which were developing rapidly at the time thanks to the high growth potential of Asian economies. EURASBANK continued to operate until 1986, when Deutsche Bank acquired 100% control of it and changed its name to Deutsche Bank (Asia).


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